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日本 DOKKAN 植物酵素香槟金加强版 180粒


  • Dokkan酵素主要是帮我们提高每天的新陈代谢,让毒素更好排出,身体恢复健康状态,自然就不易胖
  • 偶尔晚上大吃大喝,饭前来5粒,调理肠道菌群,带走多余垃圾,第二天早上会按时上厕所,明显感觉肠道被清干净了!



  1. 一天6粒 (孕期/哺乳期/经期停止服用)




DOKKAN Aburadas Premium Enzyme Gold Bottle 180tablets


  • This diet support supplement combines 39 kinds of fermented plant extracts and herbal fiber along with amino acids, seawater extract and calcium extracted from coral.
  • Aid your diet with 7 different kinds of herbal extracts, bifidus bacteria, fructooligosaccharides, and lactic acid bacteria!
  • Contains relaxing herbs for a sound night's sleep!
  • Burn energy and calories with amino acids!
  • Give your health and beauty a boost with vitamins and minerals!


How to take:

  1. 6 capsules a day (stop taking during pregnancy / lactation / menstrual period)



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日本 DOKKAN 植物酵素香槟金加强版 180粒 DOKKAN Aburadas Premium Enzyme Gold Bottle 180tablets

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