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日本DOKKAN SERIES 植物酵素 GOLD加强版 150粒 45g


  • GOLD 加强版是特选39种特选植物发酵,更添加了茸类发酵物
  • 繁忙的生活压力总是很大,减压方式很多人会选择吃东西来缓解压力,结果伴随的就是各种小肚腩 小粗腿。
  • 这是一款男女老少都可以使用的一款排毒植物酵素。
  • 夜间依靠植物酵素和草药纤维来达到吸*脂排*毒的效果,能有效帮助你消化分解吃下去的食物,有效排出。
  • 让你在睡梦中就能健康美丽的达到目的,含有乳酸菌可以很好的改善便秘。




  1. 每晚 5粒温水吞服 ,建议睡前服用或者晚饭后。




DOKKAN SERIES Super Herb Gold 150 tablets 45g


  • Total number of sales exceeded 700,000 boxes! I realized the next morning with drinking sleeping drinking! 97% of people were able to experience !! From the next morning suddenly Dokkan !!
  • Three power-ups to the long-run product "Dokkan Abradas"! The refreshing feeling of Dokkan from the next morning. Secret ingredients of secret!
  • 39 kinds, included in fermented products of plants · mushrooms 【Enzyme】☆ Improvement of intestinal environment! 【Bifidus bacteria】 【Lactobacillus】 【Fructooligosaccharide】
  • Eleven kinds of cleansing herb fiber ⇒ Dietary fiber collects Abra in waste and waste in dogs! ☆ Combustion component (amino acids) L-carnitine, L-ornithine, L-arginine, Lysine


How to take:

  1. Take 5 capsules daily. 



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DOKKAN SERIES植物酵素 GOLD加强版 150粒 45g DOKKAN SERIES Super Herb Gold 150 tablets 45g

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