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韩国DOUBLE & ZERO蝶恩佳 双重修护滋养护足膜 1双


  • 柔软美感在脚下完成
  •  抗皱批准 * 含有 69% 的胶原蛋白 * 无 5 种有害添加剂
  • 让你干燥粗糙的脚变得光滑
  • 4步配方效果——死皮细胞护理▶水分+营养补充
  • ▶ 保湿护理 ▶ 营养涂层
  • 专利抗氧化、抗皱、美白功效
  • 获得专利的易用性类似于戴手套
  • 通过三重水润保湿实现高保湿效果
  • 通过作为天然保湿因子(NMF)之一的尿素去除死细胞
  • 易于穿戴和日常活动是可能的(例如使用智能手机) 
  • 水解胶原蛋白代替纯净水 (69%)
  • 皮肤保湿和光泽度
  • 与人体胶原蛋白最相似的分子结构
  • 用于营养涂层护理的增强型蛋白质元素



  1. 洗脚并擦干
  2. 分离足罩,戴上并用贴纸固定。按摩并静置15-20分钟,然后取下足膜
  3. 将剩余的精华轻轻拍打至肌肤吸收




DOUBLE & ZERO Double Special Care Foot Mask 1pair


  • Soft beauty that is completed at your feet
  •  Anti wrinkle approved * 69% of collagen contained * No 5 harmful additives
  • Make your dry rough feet smooth
  • 4 step formula effect – dead skin cell care ▶ moisture+nutrient supplement
  • ▶ humectant care ▶ nutrient coating
  • Patented anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle, and whitening effect(Registration no. 10-0966835)
  • Patented ease of use similar to wearing gloves(Registration no. 20-0458722)
  • High humectant effect through triple hydro-moisturizing
  • Dead skill cell removal through urea which is one of natural moisturizing factors(NMF)
  • Easily wearable and daily activities are possible(such as using the smartphone) 
  • Hydrolyzed collagen instead of purified water (69%)
  • Skin moisturization and glossiness
  • Most similar molecule structure to human collagen
  • Enhanced protein elements for nutritious coating care


How to use:

  1. Wash feet and dry
  2. Separate foot mask, wear and fix it with sticker. Massage and leave it for 15-20 minutes and remove the foot mask
  3. Slightly pat remaining essence into skin for absorption



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DOUBLE & ZERO 蝶恩佳 双重修护滋养护足膜 1双 DOUBLE & ZERO Double Special Care Foot Mask 1pair

SKU: 3025023581
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