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DOVE 多芬深层滋润保湿沐浴露#蜜桃


  • 此款沐浴露配合多芬史上最滋润的高保湿牛奶配方,丰富细腻的泡沫,温柔的包裹住肌肤,有效的将多余的皮脂和污垢清洁干净。
  • 双重修护肌肤,温和滋润全身,使肌肤自然柔滑,水嫩有弹性。
  • 甜甜的蜜桃香。



  1. 在浸有热水的身体海绵或毛巾上取适量,
  2. 充分起泡沫并洗净,
  3. 然后仔细洗净




DOVE Nectarine Moisture High Hydrating Body Wash #Peach 500g


  • This shower gel is combined with the most moisturizing and highly moisturizing milk formula in Dove's history, rich and delicate foam, gently wraps the skin, and effectively cleans excess sebum and dirt. 
  • Double repair the skin, gently moisturize the whole body, make the skin naturally smooth, supple and elastic. 
  • Sweet peach fragrance.


How to use:

  1. Take an appropriate amount on a body sponge or towel soaked in hot water,
  2. lather well and wash,
  3. then wash off carefully.



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DOVE 多芬深层滋润保湿沐浴露#蜜桃 DOVE Nectarine Moisture High Hydrating Body Wash #Peach 500g

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