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2019新版韩国DR.JART+ 水动力活力水润面膜 1片入


  • 舒缓泛红,平衡水油,持久保湿水光肌。
  • 这款水动力活力水润面膜,采用低分子透明质酸、海藻提取物、甘草酸二钾、木糖醇,可以帮助舒缓换季、干燥的泛红肌肤。
  • 具有良好的保湿力,防止水分流失;富有库拉索芦荟叶提取物,帮助肌肤改善内油外干,平衡水油。
  • 缓和调整肌肤水油状态,清爽润肤,赶走油脸。
  • 采用高贴合度面膜材质,轻薄透明,有效改善肌肤干燥问题,令肌肤水润光采。
  • 适合敏感肌、油性肌肤使用。



  1. 洁面后先用爽肤水整顿肌肤。
  2. 打开包装后有两层,将网格层朝外敷于面部,再拿掉网格层调整面膜贴。
  3. 敷10-20分钟后取下面膜,轻轻拍打剩余精华至吸收。




DR.JART+ Vital Solution Deep Hydration Sheet Mask 1Sheets


  • Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Deep Hydration Sheet Mask is a hyaluronic based sheet mask which can add extra hydration onto your skin, and keep your skin moist and smooth.
  • The Hyaluronic acid activates skin moisture with high absorption, and seaweed extract, which containing algeinicacids, moisturises and removes impurities.
  • Made of fine cellulose fiber, the lightweight, transparent mask allows pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and moisturising ingredients for an ultimate hydration therapy.
  • It immediately hydrates dry skin due to lack of moisture while aquaxyl—a patent moisturising ingredient  to enhancemoisture retention and strengthen barrier function.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing face apply toner, separate with white film and apply adjusting around eyes and mouth to leave on 15 to 20 minutes.
  2.  Remove the mask and mild tapping to help rest of essence.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

2019新版韩国DR.JART+ 水动力活力水润面膜 1片入 Vital Solution Deep Hydration Sheet Mask 1Sheets

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