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日本DR.SCHOLL QTTO 薰衣草紫小腿瘦腿袜 #M 码




  • 采用独家分区编织法,能使腿部各处承受不同份量的压力。
  • 织法细腻,内层有纹路。
  • 每秒钟都按摩腿部,促进血液循环,塑形美腿,缓解疲劳。
  • 袜子的形状直接纺织成腿部美的曲线形状,
  • 穿着前就可以看出分明的脚跟、脚踝、小腿各个部分的样子,
  • 不仅瘦腿,更美腿。
  • 让腿部曲线更为修长、臀部更坚挺紧实。
  • 伸缩性强,可轻松穿著,塑型托高设计,立体剪裁。
  • 独家压力设计,令腿部各处倍感舒适。
  • 采用了英国医疗用长袜的秘诀。设计独特,
  • 有助促进腿部血液循环,舒缓疲劳及浮肿。



  1. 请用双手将丝袜自腰部卷至脚尖部位,然后使脚尖于脚后跟能互相吻合的慢是套上去。丝袜确定好前后,从脚尖往上慢慢穿慢慢拉。
  2. 手持丝袜的前后部,然后前后左右拉至膝盖,使其均匀服帖于腿肚部位。这一步骤很重要,要是拼命往上拉,丝袜很容易没穿就会扯破。

  3. 手持丝袜的前后部,并双腿从膝盖慢慢往大腿部分紧紧往上拉。这样一步一步往上拉,丝袜既可以穿得很正很舒服,还不容易扯破。




DR.SCHOLL Medi QttO Overnight Leg Slimming Tights Short Lavender #M Size


*no return no exchange policy*


  • The exclusive zoned knitting method can make different parts of the legs bear different amounts of pressure.
  • The weave is delicate and the inner layer has lines.
  • Massage the legs every second to promote blood circulation, shape beautiful legs and relieve fatigue.
  • The shape of the socks is directly woven into the beautiful curve shape of the legs,
  • Before wearing, you can see the distinct appearance of the heel, ankle, and calf.
  • Not only thin legs, but also beautiful legs.
  • Make the legs more slender and the buttocks firmer and firmer.
  • Strong elasticity, easy to wear, shaped support height design, three-dimensional tailoring.
  • The exclusive pressure design makes the legs feel more comfortable.
  • The secret of British medical stockings is adopted. unique design,
  • Helps promote blood circulation in the legs, relieve fatigue and puffiness.


How to use:

  1. Please use both hands to roll the stockings from the waist to the toes, and then put on the toes and heels so that they can match each other slowly. After determining the stockings, slowly wear them up from the toes and pull them slowly.
  2. Hold the front and back of the stockings , and then pull them to the knees to make them fit evenly on the calf. This step is very important. If you pull up desperately, the stockings will easily tear without wearing them.
  3. Hold the front and back of the stockings, and slowly pull your legs up from the knees to the thighs tightly. Pulling up like this step by step, the stockings can be worn very well and comfortably, and they are not easy to tear.



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DR.SCHOLL QTTO 薰衣草紫小腿瘦腿袜 #M码 Medi Overnight Leg Slimming Tights Short Lavender

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