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德国 DR. SCHOLL 爽建 薰衣草压力袜 L号 1pair




  • 只需在睡觉时穿着即可使腿变细和变长。
  • 加压效果支持理想的下肢线条美和良好的睡眠。
  • Medicut历史上首创的4步压缩设计,使腿部线条优美纤细。
  • 就寝时间轻松腿部护理。
  • 大头针编织和柔软编织,从脚踝一直推到小腿和大腿。
  • 作为室内休闲时间的内饰,如房间磨损。
  • 即使采用基于人体工程学的设计,也易于穿着。
  • 薰衣草和冰淇淋的颜色非常适合睡衣和睡衣。抗菌和除臭处理。



  1. 请用双手将丝袜自腰部卷至脚尖部位,然后使脚尖于脚后跟能互相吻合的慢是套上去。
  2. 丝袜确定好前后,从脚尖往上慢慢穿慢慢拉。
  3. 手持丝袜的前后部,然后前后左右拉至膝盖,使其均匀服帖于腿肚部位。
  4. 这一步骤很重要,要是拼命往上拉,丝袜很容易没穿就会扯破。
  5. 手持丝袜的前后部,并双腿从膝盖慢慢往大腿部分紧紧往上拉。
  6. 这样一步一步往上拉,丝袜既可以穿得很正很舒服,还不容易扯破。




DR.SCHOLL Medicut Lavender Slim Pack Pressure Socks L size 1pair


*no return no exchange policy*


  • Medicut full leg while sleeping makes your legs thinner and longer just by wearing them at bedtime.
  • The pressurizing effect supports ideal leg line beauty and a good night's sleep.
  • The leg line is beautiful and slim with the first 4-step compression design in the history of Medicut.
  • Easy leg care at bedtime.
  • Tack knitting and soft knitting that pushes up from the ankle to the calf and thigh.
  • As an inner for relaxing time in the room, as room wear.
  • The design is based on ergonomics and is easy to wear even though it is under pressure.
  • Lavender and gelato colors that are perfect for pajamas and nightwear.
  • Antibacterial and deodorant processing.


How to use:

  1. Please use both hands to roll the stockings from the waist to the toes, and then put on the toes and heels so that they can match each other slowly. 
  2. After determining the stockings, slowly wear them up from the toes and pull them slowly.
  3. Hold the front and back of the stockings , and then pull them to the knees to make them fit evenly on the calf. 
  4. This step is very important. If you pull up desperately, the stockings will easily tear without wearing them.
  5. Hold the front and back of the stockings, and slowly pull your legs up from the knees to the thighs tightly.
  6.  Pulling up like this step by step, the stockings can be worn very well and comfortably, and they are not easy to tear.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

德国DR. SCHOLL 爽建 薰衣草压力袜 L号 Medicut Lavender Slim Pack Pressure Socks L size 1pair

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