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日本 EARTH CHEMICAL 水槽排水泡沫清洁剂 200ml


  • 用于洗脸盆排水管的清洁剂,可清洁污垢并被马赫泡沫堵塞。
  • 乍一看,您会看到气泡从溢流孔涌出并渗入排水管。
  • 一瓶是2-3次。


使用方法​ :

  1. ​使用前,从排水管上取下排水龙头。
  2. 使用前将罐子上下摇动10次。(使用前请摇匀)
  3. 沿“打开”方向转动特殊喷嘴以释放锁定。*此时请勿直视进气口。
  4. 洗脸盆用特殊喷嘴盖住排水口。
  5. 按下罐子,使其垂直于排水管。
  6. 加速清洁喷射马赫泡沫,污垢和堵塞被冲走。
  7. 停止使用气泡从溢流孔出来的使用量(大约3-7秒)的指导线喷射。
  8. 浸泡和消毒如果您想彻底清洗,除臭和消毒细菌,请在不用水的情况下放置约30分钟。
  9. 向上提起特殊喷嘴并沿“LOCK”方向转动以将其锁定。
  10. 根据排水管的结构,气泡可能不会出现,但喷射标准约为3至7秒。
  11. 清洁后,洗脸盆用水冲洗任何剩余的泡沫。




EARTH CHEMICAL Foaming Cleaner for Drain of Sink 200ml


  • A cleaning agent for the drain pipe of the wash basin that scours dirt and clogging with Mach foam.
  • At a glance you can see that the bubbles spurted out of the overflow hole and penetrated the drain.
  • One bottle is for 2-3 times.


How to Use:

  1. Shake the can up and down well 10 times. *please shake well before open it*
  2. Turn the special nozzle in the “OPEN” direction to release the lock.

    * Do not look into the injection port at this time.

  3. Cover the drain of the washbasin with a special nozzle.
  4. Press the can so that it is perpendicular to the drain.
  5. Haste cleaning

    Mach foam is jetted, and the dirt and clogging are washed away.
  6. Stop jetting with the guideline of the amount of use that bubbles come out of the overflow hole (about 3-7 seconds).
  7. Soaking and sanitizing

  8. If you want to thoroughly wash, deodorize, and disinfect bacteria, leave it for about 30 minutes without running water.

  9. Lift the special nozzle upward and turn it in the “LOCK” direction to lock it.
  10. Bubbles may not come out depending on the structure of the drain pipe, but the jetting standard is about 3 to 7 seconds.
  11. After cleaning, wash off any foam remaining on the sink with water.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本 EARTH CHEMICAL 水槽排水泡沫清洁剂洗面台排水管用 200ml Foaming Cleaner for Drain of Sink 200ml

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