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日本 EGUCHI 株式会社 刀豆柿子袪除口臭牙垢牙膏 120g


  • 柿子加上盐与土豆提取物和牡蛎鞣质。
  • 推荐给那些关心气味并具有坚定感的礼节的人!
  • 让您的牙齿和牙龈更强壮、更健康的自然方式。
  • 基本用途是对抗口臭、牙垢和蛀牙。
  • 有助于预防口臭、口腔细菌和口腔疾病。
  • 只含有有机成分,有助于控制细菌和免疫功能的平衡。
  • 牙齿美白,它可以帮助你的口气清新干净。



  1. 挤出适量在牙刷上,慢慢的刷牙





EGUCHI Natamame Sword Bean Persimmon Oral Toothpaste 120g


  • Clear with tha beans! Persimmon juice and stouty!
  • Combine salt of Naruto with Potato extract and oyster tannin.
  • Recommended for those who care about etiquette concerning odor with a sense of firmness!
  • Specialized whitening for natto bean refreshing toothpaste.

  • Stains accumulated in daily life are removed by dental care with papain enzyme, leading to the original whiteness of teeth. 


How to use:

  1. Squeeze an appropriate amount



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日本 EGUCHI 株式会社 刀豆柿子袪除口臭牙垢牙膏 120g Natamame Sword Bean Persimmon Oral Toothpaste

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