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日本 EGUCHI 株式会社 刀豆清洁牙膏 120g


  • 马铃薯提取物和有机无农药绿茶粉牙膏。
  • 在那些关心您的嘴礼节的人中很受欢迎。
  • 推荐给想要保持口腔健康的人,或者想清晰地享受对话的人!



  1. 挤出适量在牙刷上,慢慢的刷牙。





EGUCHI Natamame Sword Bean Tooth Paste 120g


  • Your mouth is clear!
  • Potato extract and organic pesticide-free green tea powder tooth paste.
  • Popular with those who care about your mouth etiquette.
  • Recommended for those who want to stay healthy in your mouth, those who want to enjoy conversation clearly!


How to use:

  1. Squeeze an appropriate amount on the toothbrush and brush slowly



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日本 EGUCHI 株式会社 刀豆清洁牙膏 120g EGUCHI Natamame Sword Bean Tooth Paste 120g

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