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日本 WHITE CONC 柚子味身体美白沐浴乳 360ml


  • 这种药用美白VC沐浴提取物柠檬提取物和VC衍生物,天然橙色香精,可为您带来舒适宜人的沐浴体验。
  • 更多的美白保湿霜,去除体内多余的皮肤效果,是夏季必不可少的美白神器。
  • 沐浴是一种具有美白效果的沐浴产品,特别是对于夏天不喜欢防晒霜和身体涂成棕褐色的妹妹,是日本超级市场的​​热销产品,受到日本的喜爱,往往容易被压碎而断货。
  • 稀薄的略带乳状液体,发泡不是特别丰富,VC泡腾酸度很强,用量一个省,应该长期使用。


如何使用 :

  1. 大约5毫升(1茶匙)的海绵或毛巾,用热水充分搅拌。
  2. 仔细按摩身体,同时仔细按摩
  3. 请用热水彻底冲洗。




WHITE CONC Fresh Yuzu Medicinal Body Shampoo 360ml


  • This medicinal whitening VC bath extract lemon extract and VC derivatives, natural orange fragrance, give you a comfortable and pleasant bathing experience.
  • More whitening moisturizer, body removing excess skin effect, is an essential summer whitening artifact.
  • The bath is a whitening effect of bath products, especially for the summer do not like sunscreen and body painted tan easily sister is hot Japanese supermarket products, by Japan's favorite is often easy to crush out of stock.
  • Thin slightly milky liquid, foaming is not particularly rich, very strong VC effervescent acidity, amount of a province, it should be used for a long time.


How to use :

  1. Approximately 5 ml (1 teaspoon) in a sponge or towel, whisk well with hot water.
  2. Wash your body carefully while massaging it carefully
  3. Please rinse thoroughly with hot water.



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日本 WHITE CONC 柚子味身体美白沐浴乳 360ml Fresh Yuzu Medicinal Body Shampoo 360ml

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