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中国 GATSBY 杰士派 亮泽定型清爽水状 200ml


  • 快速渗透容易涂抹的啫喱,修整顽固醒后翘发。
  • 适度定型力,不僵硬,持久保持自然发型。
  • 富含维他命系列保湿修护成分,防止头发干枯、分叉、承受吹风机等热伤害。
  • 水雾喷洒均匀,赋予头发健康光泽,干爽不粘腻.使用方便,轻松整发的啫喱水。
  • 适合各种发质。
  • 直发卷发均可,匆忙清晨、轻松整发!「修整」和「定型」能够一气呵成的啫喱



  1.  将瓶子竖直,距离头发5-10厘米直接涂抹在需要定型的部位即可。




GATSBY Glossy Finishing Wet & Hard Gel Water 200ml


  • Quickly penetrate the easy-to-apply gel, and trim stubborn hair after waking up.
  • Moderate styling power, not stiff, long-lasting natural hairstyle.
  • It is rich in vitamin series moisturizing and repairing ingredients to prevent hair from dryness, split ends, and heat damage from hair dryers.
  • The water mist is sprayed evenly, giving the hair a healthy luster, dry and not sticky. It is easy to use and easy to use.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Straight hair and curly hair can be used, and it is easy to set hair in a hurry in the morning!
  • A gel that "dressing" and "setting" can be done in one go


How to use:

  1. Apply an appropriate amount on hair.
  2. Style hair using fingers or a brush.
  3. Avoid brushing hair once the gel has dried, as white specks may form.



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中国 GATSBY 杰士派 亮泽定型清爽水状 200ml GATSBY Glossy Finishing Wet & Hard Gel Water 200ml

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