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泰国GOLD PRINCESS 皇家生姜足贴 10pcs


  • 能够促进新陈代谢,促进睡眠、舒缓疲劳、改善便秘、口臭及腹胀的功效。
  • 还有活化细胞,排出体内湿气,缓解足底和关节部位的压力的作用。
  • 适用 便秘、口臭、体臭、足臭者、电脑工作者、工作压力大、长期受辐射人群、颈、肩、腰、腿疼痛肿胀人群



  1. 睡前将小药袋取出,撕开固定贴布的贴纸,
  2. 将药包有花纹的那一面贴于固定贴布贴于双足脚底
  3. ,第二天起床撕下使可(6至8小时才可取下)。



GOLD PRINCESS Royal Ginger Foot Patch 10pcs


  • promote metabolism, promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath and bloating; activate cells, excrete moisture in the body, relieve stress on the soles and joints.
  • The foot has the effect of promoting metabolism, promoting sleep, relieving fatigue, improving constipation, bad breath and bloating.
  • There is also activated cells that excrete moisture from the body and relieve the pressure on the soles and joints.
  • Applicable people; constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor; computer

How To Use :
1. Clean your feet.
2. Place the foot spa pack on the soles of the foot . Wear over or wear socks over
3. Can be used on both feet and can use other areas as needed, such as the back legs.
4. After waking up, wash your feet clean.



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泰国GOLD PRINCESS 皇家生姜足贴 10pcs GOLD PRINCESS Royal Ginger Foot Patch 10pcs

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