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韩国 GOOD FEEL 柔软棉质M号卫生棉 23cm 14pcs


  • 表面卫生棉质柔软表面不会引起过敏,可自由呼吸,并全天保持皮肤清洁干燥。
  • 柔软的吸收层可迅速吸收大量液体。
  • 它具有附加的静脉,可以可靠地保护液体不流动



  1. 打开独立包装袋,将防粘纸从卫生巾上撕除,然后将卫生巾贴于内裤上。
  2. 建议每2小时更换一次。
  3. 开封后请做好防尘、防虫、防菌措施。




GOOD FEEL SomSom Wing Day M Size 23cm 14pcs


  • Soft Surface is non-allergenic, breathes freely and keeps skin clean and dry throughout the day.
  • The soft absorbent layer absorbs large amounts of liquid quickly.
  • It has additional veins to reliably protect the liquid from flowing.


How to use:

  1. Open the individual package and remove the flim, then stick it on the underwear.
  2. It is sugguested to change it every 2 hours.
  3. Please keep it away from dust, insect and bacteria.



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韩国 GOOD FEEL 柔软棉质M号卫生棉 23cm 14pcs GOOD FEEL SomSom Wing Day M Size 23cm 14pcs

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