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日本GUDINA 成人3D立體舒適杏黄色口罩 普通尺寸 個別包裝 30枚


最新日本乐天热卖口罩‼ ️


- 日本JHPIA协会认证口罩及通过测试
- 3层结构,透气舒适
- 6mm泡泡耳带,0勒耳感
- BFE,VFE,PFE > 99%
- 花粉、灰尘、PM2.5 和病毒飞沫阻隔 99%
- 高防护力,透气又舒服
- 不易变形,减少眼镜起雾
- 立体褶皱处理,不阻碍呼吸

- 尺寸:13.8 x 10cm




GUDINA Adult 3D Comfortable Mask #Apricot Yellow, Normal size, Individual packaging, 30 pieces


The latest Rakuten hot-selling masks‼ ️
Popular product hot sale, color value No.1

Individually packaged, light and breathable veneer, comfortable
3-layer protection, 3D three-dimensional model, three-dimensional non-stick surface, high air permeability, reducing fogging of glasses

- Japan JHPIA Association certified mask and passed the test
- 3-layer structure, breathable and comfortable
- 6mm bubble ear straps, 0 Le ear feel
- BFE, VFE, PFE > 99%
- Block 99% of pollen, dust, PM2.5 and virus droplets
- High protection, breathable and comfortable
- Not easy to deform, reduce fogging of glasses
- Three-dimensional fold treatment, does not hinder breathing

- Dimensions: 13.8 x 10cm



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GUDINA 成人3D立體舒適杏黄色口罩 普通尺寸 個別包裝 Adult 3D Comfortable Mask #Apricot Yellow 30pcs

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