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韩国GUERISSON格丽松 9朵云马油面霜 70g


  • 马油与人的皮下脂肪成分组成近似,使用后能帮助皮肤促进新陈代谢,维持皮肤健康。
  • 可在沐浴后,将马油直接充分涂抹在干燥粗糙的手足部位及关节处及一般身体肌肤干燥粗糙或皮肤问题处,为防止沾染衣物寝具,可在涂抹后穿戴棉质的手套或袜子。
  • 每日简单保养洗脸之后,以马油来做好肌肤保湿的工作.
  • 在早晨上妆前,或晚上沐浴后的肌肤保养,马油的成分会快速的渗透至肌肤表层内。
  • 当晚上保养时,用马油来按摩脸部肌肤,若有多余的油脂可擦拭掉.别忘了颈部也需要保养按摩!
  • 需要特别保养时,可在沐浴洗脸后,涂上马油并以热毛巾热敷2~3分钟。
  • 单独使用马油来保养肌肤已足够.但若仍要使用其它基础保养化妆品,请在使用马油之后。
  • 使用马油按摩头皮可促进头皮新陈代谢良好,使头发健康的生长。
  • 适用于任何肤质。
  • 每个家庭必备的一瓶,婴儿过敏、湿疹、烫伤、主妇手、脚干裂、皮肤干、脱皮、消炎、加强伤口愈合非常有效。



  1. 沐浴后,将马油直接充分涂抹在干燥粗糙的手足部位及关节处及一般身体肌肤干燥粗糙或皮肤问题处
  2. 洗脸后马上取一小豆粒的马油,薄薄地涂均全脸,马油成分瞬间充分渗透吸收,请在5~6分钟后当脸上没有油感时开始化妆。
  3. 取马油毛根源用手指按摩头皮,剩余的马油可涂抹在全头发,搭配梳子按摩梳理效果更好,创造迷人的秀发.若耽心此方式会有油感,亦可在洗发前使用。按摩并让马油停留约20分钟后即可用洗发乳洗头,因马油的有效成分已完全渗入头皮,此时洗发只会洗去多余的油分。




GUERISSON 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream 70g


  • Before bedtime, horse oil will be completely absorbed by the skin at night to replenish skin nutrients, and it has the effect of creating beautiful skin.
  • The next morning, after washing your face with water, you can apply makeup directly on your face.
  • The same method can be applied to the whole body after bathing.
  • Those who have tried the beauty care are full of praise for the excellent results of horse oil.
  • After the middle-aged and perm hair, the hair is easily separated and damaged by nutrients.
  • A small amount of hair care per night, a healthy hair effect can be seen in a week.
  • If it is applied directly to the scalp, it will penetrate into the hair layer after full massage, and the hair will be thicker and healthier.
  • Even white hair can turn into black hair.
  • The bald person is also worth a try.
  • Every night after the application, the scalp will have itching, but it will be found in a few days.
  • A light fire injury and a swelled degree of mid-fire injury.
  • Discolored skin, about one month later, has a significant effect on adults, children, and even babies.
  • Knife wounds , abrasions , suppurations , scratches: except for large scars that need to be sutured in major surgical operations.
  • In the family, you can treat your own degree of scars.
  • Applying the horse oil to the bandages will not cause suppuration.
  • Healed quickly.
  • In particular, there are considerable scars and no scars.
  • After the operation, the scar can be completely eliminated after using horse oil in private.
  • Surgical sutures or scars on the face, especially for women, are of great help.


How to use:

  1. After cleaning the face, do not use cosmetics, massage with horse oil directly to apply the night cream to massage the skin better.
  2. After bathing,massage with horse oil directly to the skin .
  3. While in the case of light fire injury,apply appropriate amount on the affected area.After applying the horse oil, bandage the bandage and it can be finished in a few days.


While In the case of severe fire injury

  1.  First, cool the affected area with cold water during fire injury.
  2. Apply horse oil as soon as possible, then cover the affected area with gauze coated with horse oil, then put the cellophane on it and wrap it with a bandage.
  3. The cellophane is placed to prevent the bandage from absorbing horse oil.
  4. The next day, the gauze can not be removed due to direct contact with the skin.
  5. Apply the horse oil to the abrasive cloth and cover it with cellophane as usual.
  6. Once a day, repeated, after a few days, the gauze will naturally fall off the skin, has grown a thin skin, you can directly apply horse oil on the skin and then bandaged.
  7. After a few days, the affected part will start to change from red, brown, etc., gradually no pain, and then apply horse oil every day, without wrapping a bandage.



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韩国GUERISSON格丽松 9朵云马油面霜 70g GUERISSON 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream 70g

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