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日本 UNICHARM SOFY 尤妮佳苏菲 极薄柔肤无香料护垫14cm 72 pcs


  • 充分吸收,持续干爽。
  • 对敏感肌温和的质地。
  • 采用与温柔肌系列相同技术支持的优质材质,迅速吸收不粘腻。
  • 贴合肌肤,不侧漏。
  • 透气性良好,不会造成瘙痒。
  • 0敏感,不含荧光剂,吸水透气。



  1. 从单个包装纸上取下衬垫,将餐巾的粘性面直接牢固地放在内裤上。




Hadaomoi Pantyliner Unscented 72pcs


  • Breathable – Reduce dampness with breathable back sheet
  • Gentle to skin – Soft on skin with smooth sheet
  • Dry Comfort – stays dry for long time with super absorbent sheet
  • Gentle on sensitive skin with long hours of comfort dryness and softness to skin.
  • Since it is soft and stays dry, it is gentle to sensitive skin and prevents irritation.

    *Skin that easily develops a rash because of discharge.

  • The pantyliner stays dry a long time!

  • It’s soft on the skin.

  • It’s less prone to dampness!

  • Won’t easily slip or twist!


How to use:

  1. Remove liner from individual wrapper, securely place adhesive side of napkin on panty directly.



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日本 UNICHARM SOFY 尤妮佳苏菲 极薄柔肤无香料护垫14cm 72 pcs Hadaomoi Pantyliner Unscented 72pcs

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