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日本 HAKUGEN EARTH 白元 宽阔耳带清新口罩 7pcs


  • 防止花粉和病毒飞沫进入。
  • 宽而柔软的耳带(用于防病毒和防花粉措施)减轻了耳朵的负担。
  • 它由光滑的材料制成,即使触摸皮肤或嘴唇也不会感到粗糙,给人舒适的感觉。
  • 舒适光滑的材料,触碰皮肤和嘴唇无粗糙感,使用感十分舒服

  • 过滤性能能抵挡微粒子,花粉等

  • 尺寸: 普通 (90 x 165mm), 7片



  1. 检查正面和背面。
  2. 耳胶的附着面为外侧(不接触面部的面)。
  3. 将鼻子钳口对准鼻子的形状。
  4. 将橡胶贴在脸上时,将其放在耳朵上。
  5. 根据脸部的大小上下打褶。




HAKUGEN EARTH Comfortable Guard Refreshing Mask Regular size 7pcs


  • Prevents the ingress of pollen and virus droplets.
  • Wide and soft ear straps (for anti-virus and anti-pollen measures) ease the burden on the ears.
  • It is made of smooth material and does not feel rough even when it touches the skin or lips, giving it a comfortable feel.


How to use:

  1. Check the front and back. The side to which the ear rubber is adhered is the inside (face side).
  2. Align the nose fitter with the shape of your nose.
  3. While fitting it to your face, hang the rubber on your ears.
  4. Spread the pleats up and down according to the size of your face.



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日本 HAKUGEN EARTH 白元 宽阔耳带清新口罩 7pcs Comfortable Guard Refreshing Mask Regular size

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