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HAKUGEN EARTH 白元 登别草津有马别府入浴剂 12pcs


  • 享受四种温泉和暖色的温泉感觉。
  • 温泉成分增强了暖浴效果,促进了血液循环,并有效缓解了疲劳和肩膀僵硬。
  • 包含保湿成分(黑皮提取物,蜜蜂提取物),使沐浴后保持湿润的感觉。



  1. 放入热水(200L) 放在家用浴缸中。
  2. 然后加入 1 包 (25g) 本品。
  3. 搅拌均匀后沐浴。




HAKUGEN EARTH Nigori Hot Springs Bath Salts 12pcs


  • You can enjoy the hot spring feeling of Nigori-yu with 4 kinds of scents and hot spring colors.
  • The hot spring ingredients enhance the warm bath effect, promote blood circulation, and are effective in relieving fatigue and stiff shoulders.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients (chimpi extract, adlay extract) for a moist feeling after bathing.


How to use:

  1. Put hot water (200L) in a home tub,.
  2. Then add 1 packet (25g) of this product,.
  3. Stir well and take a bath.



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HAKUGEN EARTH 白元 登别草津有马别府入浴剂 12pcs  Nigori Hot Springs Bath Salts 12pcs

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