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日本 HAKUGEN EARTH 白元 舒适折痕口罩 5pcs


  • 配鼻垫!彻底的防护,无间隙它完美地适合于鼻子和面罩之间,大大减少了间隙。
  • 减少眼镜的浑浊,鼻垫可防止呼气从鼻子周围漏出,并减少眼镜的浑浊。
  • 交叉褶皱结构和鼻垫具有W的紧密接触效果。
  • 通过消除鼻子周围和下巴周围的间隙,它可以牢固地贴合整个面部。
  • 即使是强大的后卫,也很容易呼吸!
  • 舒适的过滤器过滤器具有防护能力和良好的通风性,因此呼吸舒适。



  1. 将口罩戴在嘴上,然后戴在耳朵上。




HAKUGEN EARTH Shiramoto Earth Comfortable Proplets Mask 5pcs


  • With nose pads!
  • Thorough protection, no gap, it fits perfectly between the nose and the mask, greatly reducing the gap.
  • Reduce the cloudiness of glasses.
  • The nose pad prevents exhalation from leaking around the nose and reduces the cloudiness of the glasses.
  • The cross fold structure and the nose pad have the close contact effect of W.
  • By eliminating the gap around the nose and around the chin, it can firmly fit the entire face.
  • Even a strong defender can easily breathe!
  • Comfortable filter filter has protective ability and good ventilation, so breathing is comfortable.


How to use:

  1. to open the mask from the arrow side of the figure, mouth And put on your ears "



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日本 HAKUGEN EARTH 白元 舒适折痕口罩 5pcs Shiramoto Earth Comfortable Proplets Mask 5pcs

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