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日本HANAMI花见 酵素面膜 肌断食修复肤白强抗氧化 单片入


  • 花见DDS酵素面膜高活性酵素成分,保湿补水,修护,白金+银双纳米成分,日标测试安全,0铅汞,0激素,0刺激​​,0防腐,孕妇均可使用。
  • 日本护肤专家为皮肤肌断食而开发。
  • 当皮肤状况不佳时,抹太多的护肤品不仅徒劳无功,还可能造成负担。
  • 在“饥饿”肌肤的特殊时期,让肌肤得到适当的休息,开始后归零。
  • 护肤品的吸收会更顺畅。
  • 断食不是没有任何护肤品,除了清洁、保湿、防晒,如美白、抗皱、去角质等,将是我们日常的卸妆、洁面、爽肤、面霜、面膜、眼膜、美白,抗霜等,复杂耗时的程序尽量简单,让肌肤在简单的护肤程序中得到呼吸。
  • 你的皮肤迫切需要肌断食!



  1. 洗净后,用爽肤水调理肌肤。
  2. 将片状面膜均匀涂抹在脸上。
  3. 10-20分钟后取下面膜纸,轻轻拍打剩余的精华。




HANAMI DDS Enzyme Mask 1pcs


  • Hanami DDS Enzyme Mask have high activity of enzyme ingredients, moisturizing water, repair, platinum + silver dual nano-ingredients,Japanese standard test safety, 0 lead mercury, 0 hormone, 0 stimulation, 0 anti-corrosion, pregnant women able to apply.
  • Japanese skin care experts developed for skin fasting.
  • When the skin condition is poor, looking too much skin care products not only futile, but also may cause a burden.
  • In a special period of 'hungry' skin look, let the skin get the appropriate rest, return to zero after the start.
  • The absorption of skin care products will be more smooth.
  • Skin fasting is not without any skin care products, in addition to cleaning, moisturizing, sunblock, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, exfoliating, etc.
  • It will be our daily remover, cleansing, toning, cream, mask, eye mask, whitening, anti-Cream, etc.,
  • Complex and time-consuming procedures are be simple as possible, so that the skin in a simple skin care procedures to get breathing.
  • Please with your current skin condition condemnation, the following conditions are more, indicating that your skin is an urgent need to Skin Fasting!


How to use:

  1. After cleansing and toning, apply mask onto the face.
  2.  Remove the mask after 15- 20 minutes, and then massage to help absorb the remaining essence.



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日本HANAMI花见 酵素面膜 肌断食修复肤白强抗氧化 单片入 HANAMI DDS Enzyme Mask 1pcs

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