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日本HARUHADA泉肌 清酒保湿乳液 200ml


  • 泉肌(Haruhada) 清酒保湿化妆水为你清洁后的肌肤提供足够滋润,蕴含丰富清酒成份,清酒的特别处在于酿制的多重发酵过程中,会产生十分丰富的维他命及不同的氨基酸天然补湿成份。
  • 另外清酒成份可以促进血液循环,改善肌肤暗哑情况,而且米糠的保湿力极高,有效减低皮肤干燥及粗糙的状况,令肌肤水润亮泽。
  • 乳液的质地完全被皮肌吸收,为你带来滋润而清爽的质感。 


  1. 彻底洁面后,取适量化妆水倒于化妆棉上,轻拍于全面及颈部。 
  2. 适合肤质任何皮肤 




HARUHADA Sake Skin Lotion 200ml


  • Haruhada Sake Moisturizing Lotion provides sufficient moisture to your cleansed skin.
  • It is rich in sake ingredients.
  • The special thing about sake is that it produces very rich vitamins and different amino acids during the multi-fermentation process.
  •  In addition, the ingredients of sake can promote blood circulation and improve the dullness of the skin, and the moisturizing power of rice bran is extremely high, which can effectively reduce the dryness and roughness of the skin, leaving the skin moist and shiny.
  •  The texture of the lotion is completely absorbed by the skin and muscles, giving you a moisturizing and refreshing texture. 
  • Suitable for all skin types


How to use :

  1. After cleansing the face thoroughly, take an appropriate amount of lotion and pour it on a cotton pad,
  2. pat on the entire face and neck. 



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日本HARUHADA泉肌 清酒保湿乳液 200ml HARUHADA Sake Skin Lotion 200ml

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