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瑞士HIRUSCAR 净痘啫喱 10g


  • 透明凝胶,重量轻,不油腻,抗菌配方,2天快速祛痘!
  • 有助于淡化痘印,而不会产生脱皮效果。
  • 有助于减少痤疮复发。



  1. 仅限于外用。
  2. 每天2-3次涂抹于患处




HIRUSCAR Anti Acne Spot Gel 10g


  • Transparent gel, light weight, non-greasy with anti-bacteria formulation, acts fast on acne in 2 days!
  • Helps to lightens pimple marks without peeling effect.
  • Helps to reduce acne recurrence.


How to use:

  1. For external use only.
  2. Apply on the affected area at 2-3 times a day



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瑞士HIRUSCAR 净痘啫喱 10g HIRUSCAR Anti Acne Spot Gel 10g

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