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韩国HOLIKA HOLIKA 小猪清除黑头3步配套鼻贴 1件入


  • 仅需三步,有效祛黑头+收缩毛孔。
  • 来自济州岛的天然植物精粹,祛黑头的同时不伤肌肤。
  • 草莓鼻克星,从根部解决黑头问题。
  • 每次用完都能明显感觉毛孔畅通会呼吸
  • 黑头粉刺都不见了,用完还觉得有美白的作用!
  • 估计毛孔干净了,细了,皮肤透亮了,所以显白。



  1. 洁面后,取出第1灰色贴, 紧紧贴在鼻头部位,等待15~20分钟左右慢慢揭掉。
  2. 浸湿鼻子,取出第2粉色贴 ,揭下塑料膜将鼻贴粉色面贴于鼻头部位,等待10~15分钟左右,待鼻贴完全干后,慢慢揭掉。
  3. 取出第3蓝色贴,敷5--10分钟左右收缩扩张的毛孔




HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit 1ea


  • This is a 3-steps kit perfect for pore control.
  • The first step opens your pores which allow for removing blackheads easily.  
  • The second step removes blackheads.  
  • The third step to minimize pores.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing, place step-1 on nose for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Remove it slowly and wipe off any blackhead or impurities from pores.
  3. Wet nose with water and place step-2 on nose. After 10-15 minutes and slowly remove it from the edge.
  4. After step 1 & 2, place step-3 on nose. Remove it after 10-15 minutes and gently tap it for better absorption.



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HOLIKA HOLIKA 小猪清除黑头3步配套鼻贴 1件 HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit

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