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日本 &HONEY 蜂蜜深层保湿 护发油 3.0 100ml


  • 着重于头发水分含量14%的保水有机美容护发油。
  • 90%以上采用蜂蜜、有机精油与蜂王浆等保湿 & 呵护成分构成,从发芯到发尾皆充满水润感。



  1. 完成洗髮程序後,取適量塗抹於髮尾,不需再沖洗。




&HONEY Deep Moist Hair Oil 3.0 100ml


  • & Honey focused on "moisture content" and "moisture balance", and made up more than 90% of the final product with moisturizing and protective ingredients.
  • Contains 100% Moroccan organic oil *.
  • formulated to have honey ratio in the product
  • 50% Manuka honey, 30% acacia honey, 20% raw honey


How to use:

  1. After towel dry, take an appropriate amount, apply & spread from the tip of the hair.



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日本 &HONEY 蜂蜜深层保湿 护发油 3.0 100ml &HONEY Deep Moist Hair Oil 3.0 100ml

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