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日本 IPSA 茵芙纱 流金岁月凝润美肤自律循环乳液R4 175ml


  • 抑制黑色素生成,添加了改善色斑问题的[M-氨甲环酸]。
  • 抑制过剩皮脂,补充肌肤水分。
  • 给与肌肤保湿及美白双重呵护。
  • 可填充角质层并产生柔软的质地,从而使皮肤湿润光滑。
  • 独特的保湿成分Argermina EX带来透明的感觉,具有穿透性的感觉和耐嚼的皮肤感觉。



  1. 早晚各3泵份量,配合特製頂級蠶絲的真絲化妝棉,令護膚成份更均勻細緻滲透每一吋肌膚。




IPSA Metabolizer Regular Lotion R4 175ml


  • Meet the stratum corneum in moisture, while trimmed plump and the texture, cosmetic solution that leads to moist smooth and the skin.
  • ME regular 3, feel the umbrella with and Zara with at the same time as the greasy of, recommended for skin such as acne is a concern.
  • Prevent the rough skin acne blended glycyrrhizin acid.
  • To prevent problems caused by drying, to support the reincarnation of the skin.
  • With birth as a congenital Hadashitsu, so far it is classified from acquired skin condition stored in an environment that was spent, depending on the skin type of each and every one of the perfect to choose ME.
  • Own moisturizing Arugerumina EX is, leads to skin feel that the clarity and glutinous like penetrate.


How to use:

  1. Dispense three pumps of Metabolizer onto a Silk Cotton pad and apply evenly to the entire face.



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日本 IPSA 茵芙纱 流金岁月凝润美肤自律循环乳液R4 175ml IPSA Metabolizer Regular Lotion R4 175ml

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