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日本ISEHAN伊势半 HEAVY ROTATION 3D完眉双头眉粉笔 #01自然棕


  • 是一款 2 合 1 产品,含有铅笔和粉末。轻松打造自然浓密的眉毛。
  • 用“纤维粉”打造自然浓密的眉毛
  • 柔和的色彩 - 柔和的色彩与肌肤完美融合。
  • 持久 - 通过固定油脂和皮脂吸收粉防止妆容变差。
  • 含有泛醇(护眉成分)
  • 纤维和细微差别珍珠的组合将其制成立体眉毛。
  • 光滑拉丝的感觉,薄薄厚实,都可以自由制作。
  • 持久配方 强效抗汗、抗皮脂、抗摩擦,让眉毛长期保持不易消失。
  • 精华成分的精华。



  1. 用铅笔画出轮廓和眉毛。
  2. 可自由绘制厚薄型的扁平芯型。
  3. 用粉尖填充头发的薄薄部分。




ISEHAN Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Fit Fiber In Double Eyebrow #01Light Brow


  • Create naturally thick eyebrows with “Fiber in Powder”
  • Soft color blends nicely into skin  Long-lasting
  • Prevent makeup deterioration by fix oil and sebum absorbing powder
  • Contains Panthenol (Eyebrow-protecting ingredient)
  • Combination of fiber and nuance pearl finish it into a cubic eyebrow.
  • Smooth and drawn feeling, even thin or thick, you can make it freely.
  • Durable prescription strong against perspiration, sebum, rubbing, keep the eyebrows easy to disappear for a long time.
  • Essence of essence ingredients.


How to use:

  1. Draw contours and eyebrows with pencils.
  2. Flat core type that can be freely drawn in thick or thin.
  3. Fill a thin part of the hair with a powder tip.



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ISEHAN伊势半 HEAVY ROTATION 3D完眉双头眉粉笔 #01 自然棕 Kiss Me Fit Fiber In Double Eyebrow

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