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日本ISEHAN伊势半 Kiss Me奇士美 美姬睫毛膏纤长  #01漆黑色 6g


  • 持久且易于去除的睫毛膏。
  • 这也是最好的纤管技术和防水能力的睫毛膏。
  • 能够长时间使用而不会弄脏或剥落,但使用普通洗面奶很容易滑落。
  • 含有5mm或长纤维。
  • 全天保持强卷度
  • 含有力矩锁定成分和形状记忆聚合物。
  • 含有睫毛护理成分 - 如山茶油、蜂王浆提取物、Ardon 油、玫瑰果油(Rosa Canina Fruit Oil)。



  1. 用刷子的中心部分从底部提起睫毛,然后用刷子末端微调和塑造。
  2. 继续向上涂抹而不沿“Z”方向移动以获得明确的效果。
  3. 为了获得更好的效果,请事先使用睫毛夹,并在涂抹的睫毛膏变干之前涂抹额外的涂层。




ISEHAN Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara #01DeepBlack 6g


  • long-lasting and easy to remove type of mascara.
  • This is also the best mascara of fil-tubing technology and waterproof-ability.
  • Able to lasts for long hours without smudging or flaking, yet slips off so easily with regular facial soap.
  • Contains 5mm or long-fiber.
  • Locks in strong curl all day
  • Contains moment lock ingredient and shape-memory polymer.
  • Contains eyelash care ingredients - Such as Camellia Oil, Royal Jelly Extract, Ardon Oil, Rose Hip Oil (Rosa Canina Fruit Oil).



  1. Comb eyelashes with eyelash brush then curl up eyelashes with lash curler.
  2. Take out the mascara brush.
  3. Brush your eyelashes outwards and horizontally.
  4. Brush the outer side of eyelashes first then the inner side for curly eyelashes.
  5. Apply the second layer if necessary.
  6. Reapply after the previous layer dries.
  7. Tidy up with eyelash brush.



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ISEHAN 伊势半 Kiss Me 奇士美 美姬睫毛膏纤长  #01漆黑色 Heroine Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara

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