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日本ISEHAN伊势半 KISS ME奇士美 花漾美姬变妆圆舞曲转转睫毛膏 #可可棕




  • 办公室里的自然妆容,派对上的浓密性感!
  • 控制睫毛的光洁度。
  • 即使是少量就足够了。
  • 轻轻旋转瓶末以在三个分量之间进行选择。
  • 它提供长达 10 小时的卷曲效果,并具有动态拉长效果。
  • 这种睫毛膏可以用温水去除。
  • 其重量轻的纤维不会压低睫毛,从而提供浓密的长睫毛。
  • 防汗、防水、防晕染、不宜晕染



  1. 根据您的需求旋转表盘并应用。
  2. 用温水(40度左右)轻轻捏住睫毛就可以洗掉。




ISEHAN KISS ME Heroine Make Bi-Volume 3-Step Volume Control Mascara #Brown


  • A natural look in the office, dense and sexy at the party!
  • Control the finish of the eyelashes.
  • Even a small amount is enough.
  • Spin the key gently to choose between three levels of Volume.
  • It provides up to 10 hours of curl with dynamic lengthening effect.
  • This mascara can be removed with lukewarm water.
  • Its light weight fiber will not weigh lashes down to provide long eye lashes with full volume.
  • Anti-sweat, anti-water, anti-smudge, not easy to smudge


How to use:

  1. Twist the dial to your preference and apply.
  2. You can wash it off with warm water (about 40 degree) as you gently pinch the eyelashes. 



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

ISEHAN伊势半 KISS ME奇士美 花漾美姬变妆圆舞曲转转睫毛膏 #可可棕 Heroine 3-Step Volume Control Mascara

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