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日本ISEHAN伊势半 KISS ME花漾美姬防水眼线胶笔 #01黑色


  • 质地顺滑,特别容易上手,相对于眼线液笔更加适合新手使用。
  • 瞬间锁定成分能够让眼线液描绘后快干,不容易造成晕染。
  • 超强的附着力,轻微揉搓也不容易脱妆,持久防水防汗防皮脂。



  1. 将凝胶笔向上扭转约 2 毫米。
  2. 从内眼角到外眼角沿睫毛线滑动,填满睫毛间隙。




ISEHAN Kiss Me Long Stay Gel Liner Super Water Proof #01DeepBlack


  • Super fine 2mm gel tip glides on smoothly
  • Soft, ultra-fine gel tip glides on for delicate foolproof application
  • Instant-lock ingredient for lasting, wear-proof lines!
  • Gel melts to stay. Dried completely, the ultra-locking liner is rub-proof and doesn’t smear onto lids.
  • Super Waterproof Contains Super guard Polymer
  • Super Guard Polymer a repels tears, sweat and water while preventing smudging through sebum.
  • Sharp, natural jet-black
  • Instant jet-black color with luster. 
  • The dye-free formula leaves no pigment residue on the skin.
  • Contains beauty essence ingredients:Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Panthenol, Chamomile


How to use:

  1. Turn the pencil lead up to just around 1.5mm
  2. Simply fill the gap between eyelid and eyelash。
  3. Blur the eyeliner could make a more natural look。



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ISEHAN伊势半 KISS ME花漾美姬防水眼线胶笔 #黑色 Long Stay Gel Liner Super Water Proof #DeepBlack

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