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日本 ISHIZAWA LAB 石泽研究所 毛穴抚子洗面奶洁面乳 100g


  • 具有小苏打和透明质酸,胶原蛋白,蜂蜜和蜂王浆的保湿功能!
  • 有了丰富的保湿成分,它会起泡沫直到乳霜形成坚硬的峰顶。
  • 每天洗脸会很有趣。洗完脸后立即使您柔软,湿润的皮肤变得美丽!








ISHIZAWA LAB Keana Baking Soda Face Foam 100g


  • KEANA Baking Soda Foam Wash” has the moisturizing power of baking soda and hyaluronic acid, collagen, honey and royal jelly!
  • Given the abundant moisturizing ingredients, it will foam until the cream forms stiff peaks.
  • Washing the face everyday will be fun.
  • Makes you beautiful with soft, moist skin immediately after using face wash!


How to use:

1. Take the cleansing milk in palm and layer the rich foam.

2. Evenly apply to the face, massage and rinse with warm water.



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ISHIZAWA LAB 石泽研究所 毛穴抚子洗面奶洁面乳 SHIZAWA LAB Keana Baking Soda Face Foam 100g

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