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日本 ITO 一次性洗脸巾 80片入


  • ITO一次性洗脸巾采用100%纯棉无纺布制成,柔软如婴儿皮,高吸水性,不易成为小块,采用专利水刺无纺布技术,显着降低能量和碳排放。
  • 它是纸巾,化妆棉,面巾和其他产品的环保替代品。
  • 这些毛巾非常柔软,柔软如同优质棉,几乎是丝般的感觉,你可以使用它们与皮肤清洁剂喷雾或热肥皂水。
  • 不刺激皮肤,对敏感肌肤有好处。 它们非常耐用,所以它绝对可以在水下冲洗甚至拧干。
  • 湿巾足以清洁日本制造的面部,手部和脚部。




ITO Cleansing Cotton Towel 80 sheets


  • ITO Facial Cotton Tissue is made of 100% cotton non-woven fabric, soft like baby skin, highly absorbent, no easy to become small pieces, significantly reduce energy and carbon emissons with its patented spunlace nonwoven technique.
  • It's an environment friendly alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face towels and other products.
  • These towels are very soft and gentle as the premium cotton, almost a silky feel,you can use them with skin cleanser spray or hot soapy water.
  • Not irritating to your skin,great to have for your sensitive skin.
  • They are very durable so it can definitely be rinsed under water and even wringed out.
  • And the wipes are strong enough to clean face, hands, feet Made in Japan.



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日本 ITO 一次性洗脸巾 80片入 ITO Cleansing Cotton Towel 80 sheets

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