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日本 ITO 浴巾旅行套装包(1 浴巾 + 2 面巾) 3枚


  • 浴巾尺寸135cm X 60cm
  • 洗面巾尺寸60cm X 35cm
  • 这款浴巾方便又卫生, 特别方便有洁癖及一家大小人士, 去旅行工干用自己私伙,安全又卫生令你更加放心
  • 小小包装携带方便。 
  • 方便使用 卫生 干净
  • 采用长绒棉材质珍珠纹,洁净更出色
  • 无荧光剂 、无甲醛 、无异味
  • 方便携带
  • 紫外线除菌,柔软亲肤,纯棉加厚,干湿两用,吸水性超强!
  • 无荧光剂0刺激,男女出行旅游必备,孕婴都可用哦




ITO Travel Towel Set (1 Body + 2 Faces) 3pcs


  • Bath towel size 135cm X 60cm
  • Face towel size 60cm X 35cm
  • ITO Travel Towel Set is your own towel set that is clean and secure anytime, anywhere.

  • No more worrying about whether towels borrowed at your accommodation are safe, secure, and clean.

  • More convenient, more comfortable, more secure and cleaner
  • Various usage!
  • Disposable travel towel set
  • Three large-sized body towels and two small-sized face towels in total
  • Soft fabric made of safe cotton, with irregularities



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日本 ITO 浴巾旅行套装包(1 浴巾 + 2 面巾) 3枚 ITO Travel Towel Set (1 Body + 2 Faces) 3pcs

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