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韩国 JM SOLUTION 肌司研 仙人掌海草补水面膜 (买11片送100ml洗脸霜) 1pcs


  • 提供透明质酸和各种营养成分的持久保湿。
  • 含有9种透明质酸和保湿复合物的面膜和清洁泡沫套装,可提供强烈的保湿效果。
  • 密集保湿面膜,内含9种透明质酸和保湿活性成分。
  • 适合干燥肌肤,满满仙人掌海草精华,使肌肤深层补水,持续一整天的水嫩保湿


如何使用( 面膜):

  1. 清洁化妆水后,将面膜轻敷于全脸,约10 – 20分钟后即可取下面膜。


如何使用 (洗面乳):

  1. 打湿脸部后挤出豌豆大小的产品,搓揉于脸上直至起泡,再用清水洗净。
  2. 可每日早晚使用。




JM SOLUTION Hyal Cactus Seaweed Mask (Buy 11pcs Free 100ml Cleansing Foam) 1pcs


  • Provides long-lasting hydration with hyaluronic acid and various nourishing ingredients.
  • Mask and cleansing foam set which contains 9 kinds of hyaluronic acid and moisturizing complex to provide intensive hydrating effect.
  • Intensive moisturizing mask which holds 9 kinds of hyaluronic acid and hydrating active ingredients.


How to use (Mask):

  1. Apply a mask adjusting around the eye and mouth.
  2. Leave on for 10 – 20 minutes.
  3. Remove mask and gently pat remaining serum until fully absorbed.


How to use (Cleansing Foam):

  1. Rub the cleanser gently into your skin in a circular motion with your fingertips and wash it off.
  2. It can be used morning and night daily,



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韩国 JM SOLUTION 肌司研 仙人掌海草补水面膜 1pcs JM SOLUTION Hyal Cactus Seaweed Mask 1pcs

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