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韩国JMsolution 新款羊胎盘素面膜 1pcs


  • JM最新推出的「胎盘素系列面膜」,口碑爆棚,主打低温发酵技术,富含高营养价值的胎盘精华,三款面膜分别是羊胎素、马胎素、猪胎素面膜,致力于为女性打造幼嫩美肤
  • 保湿营养,推荐粗糙松弛的肌肤使用,急救补水



  1. 洗净后,用爽肤水调理肌肤。
  2. 将片状面膜均匀涂抹在脸上。
  3. 10-20分钟后取下面膜纸,轻轻拍打剩余的精华。




JMSOLUTION Placen Lanolin Mask 1pcs


  • Concentrated essence with Lanolin & Placenta Protein provides hydration instantly to dry skin
  • Intensive moisturizing essence softens and hydrates your dried out skin.
  • The silky sheet effectively holds the essence and fits your skin to deliver the essence.
  • Lanolin and fermented Placenta Protein help to hold the moisture on your skin.
  • Moisturizing, Hydrating


How to use:

  1. After washing, prepare skin with toner.
  2. Apply sheet mask evenly on your face.
  3. Remove the mask sheet after 10-20 minutes later and gently pat the remaining essence.



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韩国JMsolution 新款羊胎盘素面膜 1pcs JMSOLUTION Placen Lanolin Mask 1pcs

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