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日本 KAI 贝印 除毛刀 2pcs


  • 剃除面部或比基尼部位多余的头发
  • 刀片为不锈钢,双面涂层
  • 安全护卫将确保剃刮安全舒适
  • 刀片倾斜,剃须顺滑




KAI Razor T Bikini Pal 2pcs


  • To shave unwanted hair from face or bikini area
  • Blades are stainless steel and double coated
  • Safety guard will ensure a safe and comfortable shave
  • Blade is angled for a smooth shave



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贝印 除毛刀 KAI Razor T Bikini Pal 2pcs

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