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日本KANEBO FREEPLUS芙丽芳丝净润洗面霜 100g


  • 这款洗面奶无添加、成分安全、温和无刺激,很适合敏感肌肤。
  • 含有六种植物成分,功效是滋润、平衡和镇静。确保洁面后不干燥、不过敏、达到水油平衡。
  • 氨基酸洗面奶,呈弱酸性,和皮肤酸碱度接近,刺激性非常低。



  1. 用温水将奶油泡在手掌上
  2. 涂抹于面部并以打圈的方式轻轻按摩,清洁皮肤
  3. 用水彻底冲洗




KANEBO Free Plus Gentle Cleansing Cream 100g


  • A cream face wash developed from freeplus’s research into sensitive skin
  • A weak-acidic cream face wash that leaves the skin moisturiezed and soft.
  • Soft fine foam can be created, which removes skin impurities while keeping the skin moisturized.


How to use:

  1. lather the cream well with warm water in the palm of your hand
  2. apply to face and massage gently in circular motions, cleansing skin
  3. rinse thoroughly with water



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日本KANEBO FREEPLUS芙丽芳丝净润洗面霜 100g KANEBO Free Plus Gentle Cleansing Cream 100g

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