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日本KANEBO KRACIE嘉娜宝 香氣度假村手霜 茉莉香味 70g


  • 全天24小时的保湿滋润效果,缓解最干燥的皮肤。非油性配为您提供更深层的滋润,令你的肌肤持久润泽,芬香动人。柔软成份,加强肌肤表层血液循环,防止皮肤干裂粗糙,给你的双手最好的呵护。香味很治愈。
  • 伸展性好,非常适合按摩和指甲护理
  • 添加素食水果混合物,玫瑰精华和杏仁油作为保湿成分。
  • 茉莉花的香味结合了华丽和优雅。
  • 甜美融化的香味让您感觉温和。
  • 日本制造
  • 适合所有肤质



  1. 当手感觉干燥时,取适量涂抹于手上。




KANEBO KRACIE Aroma Resort Melty Jasmine Hand Cream 70g


  • Stretch well, perfect for massage and nail care
  • Veggie fruit mix, rose essence, and apricot seed oil are added as moisturizing ingredients.
  • The scent of jasmine combines gorgeousness and elegance.
  • Sweet and melted fragrance makes you feel gentle.
  • Made in Japan
  • suitable for all skin type


How to Use:

  1. Apply proper amount onto the hand whenever the hand feel dry.



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日本KANEBO KRACIE嘉娜宝 香氣度假村手霜 茉莉香味 70g Aroma Resort Melty Jasmine Hand Cream 70g

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