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日本KAO花王 BIORE碧柔 弱酸性玫瑰沐浴露 480ml


  • 可以提供细腻的泡沫,清洁后不会对敏感肌肤造成压力。
  • 含有保湿成分,即使在最干燥的皮肤上也能保持光滑湿润的妆容。







KAO BIORE Body Soap Angel Rose 480ml


  • Gives fine lather that cleanses without stressing sensitive skin.
  • Contains moisture-retaining ingredients so it leaves a smooth, moist finish, even on the driest skin


How to use:

Take an appropriate amount on a body sponge or towel soaked in hot water, lather well and wash, then wash off carefully.



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日本KAO花王 BIORE碧柔 弱酸性玫瑰沐浴露 480ml KAO BIORE Body Soap Angel Rose 480ml

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