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日本KAO花王 BIORE碧柔 AQUA RICH 水感防晒乳液2019版 50g



  1. 完成妆前护肤步骤后,使用粉底液前,去适量产品于手上。
  2. 从两颊两遍抹开,再由内向外均匀涂抹。
  3. 再轻轻涂抹于颈部,随后可以开始上妆。





KAO BIORE UV AQUA RICH Watery Essence Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++ 50g


  • Prevent uneven coating up to micro level gaps, water feel essence UV.
  • Even when repainted or stacked, it is light touchingly.
  • A thin and uniform UV blocking film covering the whole body like a piece of skin, UV of Biol 's own "outer skin idea".
  • Protect unprotected skin.
  • Purupuru's water capsule formulation. Prevent drying.
  • Even though it is super waterproof, it falls with soap.
  • SPF 50 + / PA ++++.
  • For the face / body.
  • White musge 's gentle fragrance.


How to use:

  1. After completing the pre-makeup skin care steps, apply a proper amount of the product on your hands before using the liquid foundation.
  2. Spread on both cheeks twice, and then evenly spread from the inside to the outside.
  3. Gently apply on the neck again, and then you can start applying makeup.



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KAO花王 BIORE碧柔 AQUA RICH 水感防晒乳液 50g UV AQUA RICH Watery Essence Sunscreen

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