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日本KAO花王 BIORE碧柔 防UV 保湿乳液 SPF50+++ 90ml


  • 滑顺地在全身延展,SPF50+凝露也有超强防晒力!
  • 过滤紫外线能力强,但皮肤没有沉重感
  • 配合美容液成分,服帖顺滑,具有轻盈透气感。
  • 温和配方,容易清洗,脸部也可以用。
  • 不易致粉刺配方,通过过敏性测试,无色素。
  • 同时拥有SPF50+与UV-A最高防御等级PA++++的高效防护
  • 能有效预防紫外线造成的肌肤晒红、变黑、皱纹与肌肤老化。
  • 日本创新水凝UV科技,饱含百万UV水凝体,同时锁住极致水感和防晒有效成分。
  • 研发-全新「超强汗」科技,即使流汗、遇水,也能维持长效防晒。
  • 如水般的清透凝露,涂抹时滑顺地在全身肌肤延展开来,薄透服贴。
  • 含玻尿酸保湿成分与蜂王乳萃取,涂抹时滑顺地在全身每一吋肌肤延展开来,
  • 好推好均匀,给你360度超广角防晒力。
  • 含有光感补正效果,添加透明光感折射成分,绽放全身莹透美肌的自然光泽。
  • 通过敏感测试[所有测试者皆通过施行敏感测试,但并非表示所有人都不会有肌肤敏感的情形发生
  • 清新水果香氛



  1. 完成妆前护肤步骤后,使用粉底液前,去适量产品于手上。
  2. 从两颊两遍抹开,再由内向外均匀涂抹。
  3. 再轻轻涂抹于颈部,随后可以开始上妆。




KAO Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel Sunscreen SPF50 90ml


  • AquaRich Hydrating Series-Biore Hydrating Refreshing Moisturizing Sunscreen Gel~
  • Spreads smoothly all over the body, SPF50+ gel also has super sun protection power!
  • Strong ability to filter ultraviolet rays, but the skin does not feel heavy
  • With the ingredients of beauty liquid, it is smooth and has a light and breathable feeling.
  • Gentle formula, easy to clean, can also be used on the face.
  • Non-acne-prone formula, passed allergy test, no pigment.
  • Efficient protection with SPF50+ and UV-A highest defense level PA++++ at the same time
  • It can effectively prevent skin redness, darkening, wrinkles and skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • Japan's innovative hydrogel UV technology, full of millions of UV hydrogels, while locking in the ultimate water feel and sunscreen active ingredients.
  • Research and development-the new "Super Sweat" technology, which can maintain long-lasting sun protection even if you sweat or encounter water.
  • A water-like clear gel that spreads smoothly on the skin of the whole body when applied, and it is thin and sticky.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients and royal jelly extract, which spreads smoothly on every inch of the body's skin when applied.
  • Push it well and evenly, giving you 360-degree ultra-wide-angle sun protection.
  • Contains light perception correction effect, adding transparent light perception refraction component, blooming the natural luster of the whole body transparent and beautiful skin.
  • Passed the sensitivity test [All testers passed the sensitivity test, but it does not mean that everyone will not have skin sensitivity.
  • Fresh fruit fragrance


How to use:

  1. After completing the pre-makeup skin care steps, apply a proper amount of the product on your hands before using the liquid foundation.
  2. Spread on both cheeks twice, and then evenly spread from the inside to the outside.
  3. Gently apply on the neck again, and then you can start applying makeup.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

KAO花王 BIORE碧柔 防UV 保湿乳液 SPF50+++ 90ml Aqua Rich Watery Gel Sunscreen SPF50 90ml

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