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日本KAO花王 牙刷旅行套装 颜色随机发送


  • 高效洁齿
  • 浓密刷毛深入齿缝,轻松清洁牙垢,还你清爽洁净。
  • 清新口气
  • 薄荷清香牙膏,携手浓密刷毛,清洁口腔,赶走口腔异味。
  • 便携套装
  • 小巧外盒,随身收纳牙膏和牙刷,为旅行出差添便利。



  1. 取牙膏挤出适量于牙刷上清洁牙齿




KAO Clear Clean Portable Ultra-Compact Case Random Color



  • Easy to carry clear clean of toothpaste set.
  • Firmly smooth on the go.
  • Medicated toothpaste, in granules (cleaning agent) is informal in the gap between the teeth, it dropped clean up the back of the plaque, and prevent tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis.
  • Toothbrush, whole ton washable clear clean thick hair bundle plaque even a small force (mini size).
  • Crunch polish drops whole ton plaque with.
  • Ultra-compact case to enter the porch.


How to use:

  1. Squeeze an appropriate amount on toothbrush.



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日本KAO花王 牙刷旅行套装 颜色随机发送 KAO Clear Clean Portable Ultra-Compact Case Random Color

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