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日本KAO花王 CUREL珂润干燥敏感肌药用保湿护唇膏 4.2g


  • Curel珂润润浸保湿润唇膏~
  • 珂润水润护唇配方,滋润唇部肌肤,令干燥唇部柔润饱满。
  • 配合保湿滋润成分(润浸保湿神经酰胺功能成分)、
  • 植物由来的保湿滋润成分,以及霍霍巴籽油,
  • 能渗透至角质层,提高滋润密度,缓解嘴唇干燥。







KAO CUREL Moisture Lip Care Cream 4.2g


  • Curel moisturizing lip balm~
  • The formula of Kelly Moisturizing Lip Care moisturizes the lip skin, leaving dry lips soft and plump.
  • With moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients (infiltration moisturizing ceramide functional ingredients)
  • Plant-derived moisturizing ingredients, and jojoba seed oil,
  • It can penetrate into the stratum corneum to increase the moisture density and relieve dry lips


How to use:

Apply gentle thin lips when the lips feel dry , you can enjoy excellent moisturizing Lip effect.



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日本KAO花王 CUREL珂润干燥敏感肌药用保湿护唇膏 4.2g KAO CUREL Moisture Lip Care Cream 4.2g

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