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KAO花王 乐而雅超薄零触感夜用护翼35cm 13片入


  • 轻盈零触感!
  • S系列带来NEW零触感,绝不添加荧光剂。
  • 添加“加速度瞬吸层”是花王以往产品2倍的吸收速度,即使是大量粘稠血也能瞬间吸收。



  1. 打开包裹住卫生巾的那层包装,取出卫生巾
  2. 将卫生巾固定在内裤上                                                                                                                                        *无护翼型卫生巾只需粘贴即可*                                                                                                                      *加长型卫生巾请注意区分前后*
  3. 护翼型卫生巾的护翼是可翻折的。 如果生理裤的裤裆处为2层,护翼可插入2层中间的空隙
  4. 使用护翼型卫生巾时,请将护翼与内裤裤裆最窄处紧密贴合




KAO Laurier Speed+ Slim Guard Night Use 35cm 13pads


  • Achieve “suction power” that exceeds absorption with a full-speed suction sheet
  • Even if it comes out, it does not give a spreading skim and there is no fear of leaking behind.
  • High absorption polymer is tightly locked in the back, the surface is dry until morning!
  • A Reliable 1mm absorption sheet fits supplely and does not create anxious gaps.
  • Although it is covered securely with a wide back guard with 35 cm of relief, it does not mock.
  • Fully breathable sheet and difficult to drip.


How to use:

  1. Open wrapped sanitary napkin that layer of packaging, remove the sanitary towel
  2. the sanitary napkin secured to the underpants for airfoil                                                                   *no sanitary napkin can simply paste*                                                                                                 *lengthened hygiene before and after the towel, please note the distinction between*
  3. for airfoil health wings are folded the towel. If the crotch of the physiological pants has two layers, the wings can be inserted into the gap between the two layers
  4.  use for airfoil health when the towel, and set the flaps at the narrowest crotch panties snug fit



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

KAO花王 乐而雅超薄零触感夜用护翼35cm 13片入 KAO Laurier Speed+ Slim Guard Night Use 35cm 13pads

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