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日本 KAO 花王 LIESE PRETTIA 泡沫染发剂 酷粉色 110ml


  • 泡沫染发,发色均匀轻松简单
  • 只须将泡沫涂抹到干发上并轻轻搓揉,就能覆盖全部头发。后面和根部亦容易染到,无须麻烦地把头发分区处理!泡沫可以均匀地覆盖每根发丝,染出亮丽均匀发色。
  • 泡沫丰盈幼滑不滴落
  • 丰盈幼滑的Liese泡泡,能紧紧地附着每根发丝,不易滴落。而且泡沫丰富,即使是长发也能完全覆盖。染后面的头发一样轻松自如。
  •   *染长发时,建议使用2盒泡泡染发剂。



  1. 把1液加至2液瓶内混合
  2. 套上泡沫喷嘴按押出泡沫
  3. 泡沫涂抹到干发上
  4. 轻轻用手指搓揉均匀
  5. 等待约20-30分钟后,冲洗干净,最后使用随盒附送的美发液,不用再冲洗




KAO LIESE PRETTIA Foamy Color #Cool Pink 110ml



  • Foam dyed hair, hair color is even and easy
  • Simply apply the foam to the dry hair and gently rub it to cover all the hair. The back and roots are also easy to dye, and you don't have to bother with the hair! The foam can evenly cover each hair and dye bright and even hair color.
  • Foam is rich and smooth, not dripping
  • The rich and smooth Liese bubble can adhere to each hair tightly and is not easy to drip. And the foam is rich, even if it is long hair, it can be completely covered. It is as easy as dyeing the back hair.
  • * When dyeing long hair, it is recommended to use 2 boxes of bubble hair dye.


How to use:

  1. Add 1 liquid to the 2 liquid bottle to mix
  2. Put on the foam nozzle to press the foam
  3. The foam is applied to the dry hair
  4. Gently use your fingers to evenly
  5. After waiting for about 20-30 minutes, rinse off, and finally use the hairdressing liquid supplied with the box, no need to rinse again.



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日本 KAO 花王 LIESE PRETTIA 泡沫染发剂 酷粉色 110ml KAO LIESE Foamy Color #Cool Pink 110ml

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