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日本 KAO 花王 森林沐浴香气蒸汽热眼膜 1pcs


  • 眼膜能温暖地包裹眼睛和眼睛,使舒适的蒸汽发挥作用并持续放松。
  • 感觉就像在洗澡。舒适温度大约40℃,舒适时间大约20分钟。
  • 将您造成一天的紧张情绪,然后逐渐从积极的情绪中恢复过来。
  • 由于仅需打开即可预热,因此使用替换。
  • 柔软蓬松的触感在皮肤上感觉良好。
  • 这是森林浴的芬芳,使您感到清澈。
  • 男女皆宜的尺寸
  • 一次 使用类型
  • 任何带有耳钩的姿势都合理且易于使用
  • *非医疗设备



  1. 从包装袋中取出眼罩                                                                                                                                                *打开时会变热,请立即使用
  2. 切开穿孔并戴在耳朵上                                                                                                                                      *使用时请闭上眼睛                                                                                                                                             *请勿与眼罩等配合使用。                                                                                                                               *温度和持续时间可能会因使用环境而异。 如果室温较高,可能很难感到热度。                        *根据使用环境的不同,蒸汽可能会膨胀,但是您可以直接使用它。
  3. 使用前,请仔细阅读本产品所述的用法和注意事项。




KAO Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask Forest Bath Fragrance 1pcs


  • The eye mask can warmly wrap the eyes and eyes, make the comfortable steam work and continue to relax.
  • It feels like taking a bath.
  • The comfort temperature is about 40℃, and the comfort time is about 20 minutes.
  • You will cause tension for the day, and then gradually recover from the positive emotions.
  • Because it can be preheated only by opening, it is replaced.
  • The soft and fluffy touch feels good on the skin.
  • This is the fragrance of the forest bath, making you feel clear.
  • Unisex size
  • Once Type of use
  • Any posture with ear hooks is reasonable and easy to use *Non-medical equipment


How to use:

  1. Take out the eye mask from the bag                                                                                                      *It will become hot when opened, please use immediately
  2. Cut the piercing and wear it on the ear *Please close your eyes when using                            *Do not use with eye masks, etc.                                                                                                               *The temperature and duration may vary depending on the usage environment.                 If the room temperature is high, it may be difficult to feel warm.                                    *Depending on the usage environment, the steam may expand, but you can use it directly.
  3. Before use, please read carefully the usage and precautions described in this product.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

KAO 花王 森林沐浴香气蒸汽热眼膜 1pcs Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask Forest Bath Fragrance 1pcs

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