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日本 KINCHO 防螨虫片 2pcs


  • 使用柠檬桉树所含的天然草药成分,效果持续六个月。 我不使用杀虫成分。
  • 与新功能有关的香水“莉莉是”用tick喜欢的汗水的气味和体味掩盖。滴答滴答的效果了!
  • 用绿茶除臭提取物清楚地除臭。
  • 桉树油组合的清爽的绿色香气和“阳光森林的香气”
  • 在蒲团包中,即使放在蒲团的侧面,沥水板的底部也可以使用。
  • 具有方便的更换印章



  1. 从袋子中取出,放置于被褥收纳袋,或者储物柜中。每0.9m³空间使用一个。
  2. 效果约持续6个月,并建议贴上替换提醒贴纸,方便日后替换。




KINCHO Danikon's Mites Protection Sheet 2pcs


  • I use the naturally derived herb ingredient included in the lemon eucalyptus, and an effect lasts for six months.
  • I do not use the insecticidal ingredient.
  • New feature-related fragrance "Lilli are" masks it with a smell and a body odor of the sweat which a tick likes; a tickproof effect is up!
  • I deodorize it with green tea deodorization extract clearly.
  • A green fragrance and "a fragrance of sunshine Forest" refreshing clearly of the eucalyptus oil combination
  • In a futon bag, it is usable even if I put it in the side of the futon, the bottom of the drainboard.
  • With convenient exchange seal


How to use:

  1. Take out this commodity ( tear open transparent outer bag) place in pillow cover or quite cover, each 1 quite use 1.



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日本 KINCHO 防螨虫片 2pcs KINCHO Danikon's Mites Protection Sheet 2pcs

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