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日本 KINCHO 金鸟 艾草暖身暖宫贴 8pcs


  • 随着热气腾腾的香气散发出来,并围绕着脸部周围,我可以有效地感受到一种香气。
  • 可以在腰和脖子,肩膀使用。
  • 在从身体的核心逐渐加热的时候,建议朝患病的方向着凉。
  • 用约45度的温暖持续5小时。
  • 通过“绿色香味”与放松效果的结合,可以在加热的同时放松。



  1. 将贴纸撕开后、将暖暖包贴于衣物外,不要让暖暖包直接接触于皮肤上!




KINCHO Mugwort Disposable Heating Pad 8pcs


  • As sense of heat fragrance gets on the steam and surrounds the face neighborhood, I can feel a fragrance effectively.
  • It is usable on a waist and a neck, a shoulder.
  • As I gradually warm it from the core of the body, it is recommended toward the trouble to get cold.
  • I last with warmth of approximately 45 degrees Celsius for five hours.
  • I can be relaxed while warming by the combination of "the green fragrance" with the relaxation effect.


How to use:

  1. Break the outer bag, take out the inner bag, peel off the delaminated paper, peel off the stripped paper, Please use it on the outside or on the back of your jacket. Please use it without chewing.
  2. If you become unnecessary after use or during use, please peel off.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight, please save in a cool place.



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日本 KINCHO 金鸟 艾草暖身暖宫贴 8pcs KINCHO Mugwort Disposable Heating Pad 8pcs

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