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日本 KINCHO 金鸟 驱螨包 2pcs


  • 180天长效消毒驱虫 除臭 有助睡眠 
  • 有效成分使用天然植物提取,而非化学防虫,对人体十分安全,能让全家安心使用(对婴儿也很安全的) 有效防止螨虫滋生
  • 才用绿茶与活性炭,有效消除床上用品锁特有的体味,湿气等,有效防止螨虫的滋生。
  • 每片可使用半年,持效一张床90%防螨率
  • 从绿茶植物中提取配方加上碳,使用安全
  • 放置于枕头套,被套,床单下均可,含有安睡配方,有助于睡眠



  1. 放入枕头,枕套中,或者床单被褥中




KINCHO Pillow Mite Sheet 2pcs


  • I keep off a tick for the bedclothing which I only put under the futon, the pillow.
  • I keep off a naturally derived tick and do not allow a tick to come near with an ingredient and new feature-related fragrance.
  • The fragrance of the relaxation leaf.
  • The effect is approximately six months.


How to use:


  1. Each patch can be used for six months, holding a 90% anti-mite rate of a bed
  2. Placed in a pillowcase, quilt cover, under the sheets can be, with sleeping formula, help to sleep



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日本 KINCHO 金鸟 驱螨包 2pcs KINCHO Pillow Mite Sheet 2pcs

SKU: 3028150671
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