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日本KIRIBAI桐灰化学 肚脐温灸球 1pcs


  • 針对女性身体保健而设
  • 內含艾草,利用温热效果舒缓经期疼痛或腸胃不适,有助松弛神经
  • 传统中医人认为艾草有助去湿去驱寒、温经通絡、行气活血,配合温灸疗法,对女性身体更有脾益。
  • 有效舒缓经期的疼痛不适感觉,同時对腸胃或身体欠佳的人士均有缓解作用,適合女士於每天睡前及生理期間時使用。
  • 內含艾草及矿物赭石,加热後的蒸汽能深入皮肤,利用遠紅外線及温热效果促進血液循环。
  • 配合淡淡的清新茉莉和艾草香味,有助松弛神經,放松心情。
  • 用法簡單,只需用微波炉加热約30-40秒,就可以发热至40℃,能持续約20分鐘。
  • 可重复使用多达约90次,经济又环保!



  1. 用500W微波炉加热40秒/600W微波炉加热30秒,可重复使用约90次。
  2. 加热后温灸球发热约40℃,能持续约20分钟。
  3. 每晚睡觉前及生理期间使用。




KIRIBAI Chemical Lady Warmer 1pcs


  • specially designed for women’s health care.
  • It effectively relieves menstrual pain and discomfort.
  • At the same time, it has a relieving effect on people with poor gastrointestinal or physical conditions.
  • It is suitable for women.
  • Use every day before going to bed and during menstrual periods.
  • Contains wormwood and mineral ochre.
  • The heated steam can penetrate into the skin, using far infrared rays and warming effects to promote blood circulation. 
  • With a touch of fresh jasmine and wormwood scent, it helps to relax the nervous and relax the mood.
  • The usage is simple, just use a microwave oven to heat for about 30-40 seconds, you can heat up to about 40 degrees, can last about 20 minutes.
  • It can be reused up to about 90 times.
  • economical and environmentally friendly


How to use:

  1. Use 500W microwave oven for 40 seconds / 600W microwave oven for 30 seconds, repeatable Use about 90 times.
  2. After heating, the warm moxibustion ball heats up to about 40 degrees and can last for about 20 minutes.
  3. After heating in a microwave oven, if the words "キケン! キケン!" (that is dangerous) appear on the surface of the product, it means that the product is overheated.
  4. Please wait for it to disappear before using it.



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日本KIRIBAI桐灰化学 肚脐温灸球 1pcs KIRIBAI Chemical Lady Warmer 1pcs

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